miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

Oregon - Music of Another Present Era 1973

Phenomenal debut album from this innovative group, whose members included, at the time, guitarist Ralph Towner, bassist Glen Moore, oboist Paul McCandless, and multi-instrumentalist Collin Walcott. Their distinct blending of Indian and 'Western' classical folk styles with jazz fusion and psychedelia has never sounded better than it does here.

Track listing:
1. North Star
2. The Rough Places Plain
3. Sail
4. At the Hawk's Well
5. Children of God
6. Opening
7. Naiads
8. Shard / Spring Is Really Coming
9. Bell Spirit
10. Baku the Dream Eater
11. The Silence of a Candle
12. Land of Heart's Desire
13. The Swan
14. Touchstone


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