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Kauffman & Caboor - Songs from Suicide Bridge

Despite the release year, this is excellent early '70s-sounding melancholic drifter folkrock from California. The top tracks are outstanding and all over this is an above average album that has gained many fans in recent years.Beautiful textured gatefold cover. Will be in the next Acid Archives.
KAUFMANN & CABOOR made 2 more albums under the name DROVERS.

Very dark and mysterious stoner/loner acid folk LP from this duo of singer-songwriter-guitarists. Instrumentation includes acoustic, electric, slide and steel guitars, mandolin, dulcimer, piano and bass. There are several bursts of psych guitar woven into the compositions.

The epic "Life and Times on the Beach" makes Lou Reed's Berlin or John Cale's Music for a New Society sound like a day at the beach.

from what little exists on the web about this LP:

"Excellent Folk Duo. Really A Very Special LP Filled With A Dark And Desperate Sense Of Urgency And Melancholy, Some Burning Electric Guitar Parts Here And There To Heighten The Intensity. A Very Unique And Brilliant LP!!! Very Highly Recommended!!!!"

* David Kauffman - Guitar, Piano, Bass, Vocals.
* Eric Caboor - Guitar, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Vocals.

- Label: Donkey Soul Music ?– DSM101
- Format: Vinyl, LP
- Country: US
- Released: 1984
- Genre: Folk, World, & Country

A1.         Kiss Another Day Goodbye             4:48  
A2.         Neighborhood Blues                        4:00  
A3.         Life Without Love                            5:11  
A4.         Angel Of Mercy                               4:57  
A5.         Life And Times On The Beach        7:55  
B1.         Backwoods                                       8:09  
B2.         Midnight Willie                                6:54  
B3.         Where's The Understanding?           2:09  
B4.         Tinsel Town                                      5:42  
B5.         One More Day (You'll Fly Again)    4:22   


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