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Carm Mascarenhas - Someday Soon (1975)

Rare Canadian-only private press folk-psych w/ heavy vibes and terrific musicianship/performance. Reminiscent of Van Morrison’s more cosmic work in places or even a hippie Ron Baumber. Underated and highly recommended.

Much sought after after album by Canadian singer songwriter Carm Mascarenhas released privately in 1975. Strong Van Morrisonic music style with cosmic and psychedelic approaches in most of the tracks. One of the underrated private releases of the 70's!

Carm Mascarenhas (Winnipeg, Canada)
Label: Mascanta

- Very rare top notch acid folk psych out of Canada. Dreamy cosmic feel with great lyrics and musicianship. A true keeper!

- Folk and folkrock with acoustic and electric backing and powerful vocals.

a1. In The Sun
a2. Green Eyes (Smile)
a3. Beyond My Home
a4. Stormy Day
b1. Brand New Life
b2. Fields Of Green
b3. A Time In Life
b4. (Happy Days) Someday Soon.

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