lunes, 3 de abril de 2017


Rock sinfonico de tierras holandesas, homonimo de esta gran banda de excelente "Feeling" 


Genre: Prog Rock, Symphonic Rock Country: Netherlands Year: 1978

01. Quintus
02. I’m In Love
03. Madman
04. You All Are ….
05. …. Crazy Fools
06. Same Game
07. Time
08. Feelings
09. Soldados


jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016

Drakkar Nowhere – Drakkar Nowhere

When Drakkar Nowhere rows itself out toward the exploratory sonic sea upon which their debut album so gracefully sails, it’s not just that their destination is undefined; it’s that the very concept of a destination, as reflected in their music, is itself something indefinable. Drakkar Nowhere capture the wind in their sails with a sound that’s boundless, expansive and, perhaps, guided only by the light of the sun and stars.
That Drakkar Nowhere ended up somewhere at all is itself more a result of circumstance than careful course-charting. The history of the album traces back to the summer of 2012, when Daniel Collás (Phenomenal Handclap Band) and Morgan Phalen (Favored Nations, Diamond Nights) found themselves creating new music in the kitchen of a rented apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. Their new project caught the ears of nearby musicians, including members of Dungen and The Amazing, and before long, this extended family of international musicians were recording the songs that would firmly put them on the path to nowhere – Drakkar Nowhere, that is. 

Both Collás and Phalen took inspiration from their Swedish surroundings – in particular, the enchanted forests that surround the neighborhoods of Bagarmossen and Midsommarkransen. And given the talents and histories of the collaborating musicians, it’s no surprise that the ever-evolving shadow of what we might broadly call Swedish psychedelia should perfume the proceedings as well. Collás and Phelan also took the recordings to New York and Los Angeles, where new surroundings and influences could intertwine into the musical flora and fauna. When in LA, the band even got a hero of theirs, unsung 70s singer-songwriter Ned Doheny, on board for “Higher Now.” Some light was recently shed on Doheny’s music from the 70s when Numero Group released the Doheny compilation Separate Oceans a couple years back. To those who have discovered his fantastic body of work, his warm, breezy Malibu vocals are instantly recognizable on “Higher Now.”

One thing is surprising – and what makes the Drakkar Nowhere album one that benefits from repeat listens – is how unobtrusive all of these influences are on the album’s ultimate sound. Drakkar Nowhere present a combination of influences – cosmic jazz, syrupy soul and mutated prog among them – in such an effortless manner that they don’t really feel like “influences” at all. As a result, Drakkar Nowhere have built an album that may have listeners ears recalling the crystalline harmonies of the Brothers Gibb more often than it does Träd, Gräs and Stenar.
No destination, no influences – just nowhere. And in the hands of Drakkar Nowhere, it’s clearly the place to be. – Ryan Muldoon.


Blurry Silhouettes – Meetings 2016

This music was born spontaneously in several locations during day & night recording sessions beetween May & September 2016.

This is music for Autumn


released October 14, 2016

Music and words by
Maciej Sochoń & Piotr Trypus 



domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2016

Autumn Moonlight-The Sky Over Your Shoulders

The Sky Over Your Shoulders

For the present year 2010, especially the latter half, Argentina has been a gentle provider of great progressive music from outside the European and North American realms, and this post-rock duo Autumn Moonlight is no exception at all. 

AM's debut album has a pre-historic phase of digital free downloading in 2009 before its official 2010 release: re-recording, refurbishment and slight modifications in the tracklist determine the reality of "The Sky Over Your Shoulders" as the world is supposed to know it.

After listening to this album, even if it's only once, the listener has to ponder and admire the amazing fact that the rhythmic schemes, orchestral additions, instrumental nuances and varied textures that stand beyond the guitar/bass guitar inputs have been created via computer tools and programs. 

And I'm not saying this as praise for the use of technology in itself but for the use of technology with such musical depth and such artistic cleverness. 
Well, the result is a vividly embellished sort of post-rock that is patently melodically driven as well as friendly with some specific patterns of structural pomposity that we usually find connected to the symphonic prog standard. 

Few times like this we find the post-rock pattern so closely related to the progressive formalities. 

Now it's time to focus on the tracklist itself. 'Autumn Moonlight' gets things started in a most stylish fashion, due to its pristine architecture of guitar chords and the rhythm duo's controlled dynamics:

 while bearing a dominantly reflective mood, the melodic scheme and the vivid instrumentation bring out a distinctly optimistic vibe. 
The noise of sea waves in the shore paves the way for the second track, 'Dawn Of Atlantis', whose initial piano motif announces yet another delivery of crystalline atmospheres and elegantly driven electricity. 

The recurrent 7/8 tempo mandates an effective musical intelligence for the ongoing sense of warmth: this track encapsulates what I earlier tried to describe as "symphonic-oriented post-rock". 

The predominant lyricism continues to assert itself for track # 3, 'Letters To God', and not only that, it also becomes increasingly epic: at this point, the band's framework draws a bit closer to the power-ballad standard that one can expect from a regular prog metal album. 
Once the main body's has been emphasized enough, the basic sonority becomes calmer, which makes the whole thing turn more ceremonious and introverted. 

Now that I casually mentioned the prog-metal thing, it is fair to say that 'The Outsider' is the track that works on this area more meticulously: there are also hints to space-rock in its development, but the ballsy nature of the main riffs and the well-constructed guitar solo leaves no room for confusion regarding the presence of prog-metal as the central ingredient for this specific track. 
Between these two pieces, 'T.O.R.' delivers a sort of midway between the introspective languidness of the second half of 'Letters To God' and the opener's colorful lyricism. 'Lost Paradise' is another example of AM's introspective side, but this time there is nothing about that can properly be described as languid: 

there is an explicit sense of energy and power that is inevitably instilled in this track's compositional framework, and so the namesake piece is ready to enter and settle a typical post-rock atmosphere, eerie and subtly adorned. Well, the album's last 5 minutes are occupied by 'Autumn Moonlight Part II', which deepens the introspective side that had been reinforced throughout the previous two pieces in order to generate an amazing crescendo and a subsequent epic climax. This display of bombastic exquisiteness is followed by a lovely coda that features soft piano and bass guitar interplaying. 

"The Sky Over Your Shoulders" is, first and most of all, a beautiful piece of artistic rock, and as such, it must serve as a motivator for all prog collectors everywhere to pay due attention to Autumn Moonlight. 


domingo, 5 de junio de 2016

Marillion-Ocean Cloud

He's seen too much of life
And there's no going back
The loneliness calls him
And the edge which must be sharpened
He's losing it. And he knows.
But there's a fighter in his mind and his body's tough
The years have been unkind but kind enough

The smell of the earth
It's his favourite smell
But he's somehow compelled to the stinging salt hell
To the place where he hurts and he's scared
And there's no one to tell
And no one who doesn't listen

"You can take all the boys and the girls in the world
And I'll trade them this morning for my sweet Ocean Cloud
I've seen too much of life
So the sea is my wife and a sweet Ocean Cloud is a mistress I'm allowed
for now."

"You can take all the boys and the girls in the world
I wouldn't trade them this morning for my sweet Ocean Cloud
I've seen too much of life
So the sea is my wife and a sweet ocean cloud is a mistress I'm allowed
for now."

"Only me and the sea
We will do as we please."

He remembers the day he was marched to the front
By the physical knuckle head teacher of games
"Look lads" he declared, "This boy's a cream puff
No guts and no muscles
No spine and no stuffing"
The whole schoolroom sniggered
And silently thanked God it wasn't them..

But time is revenge. All the bullies grow weak
And must live with faithless women who despise them
I'll be in Barbados in a couple of weeks
With a rum on the table and yarns by the yard
A story to tell and a story to save
..unless she changes her mind
I'll trade them this morning for my sweet Ocean Cloud
I've seen to much of life so the sea is my wife
And the sweet ocean clouds will look down on my boat tonight

The wind changed
I felt it run beneath my ear
Like silk drawn across my neck
A dream of your legs
Defying gravity in love

The medium wave
Brought signals here from far away
Your tender voice riding on the sea spray
Something in the air
For those who know the signs
Something in the air
A storm..

When I was alive
When I was alive
Don't wanna remember
When I was alive

Watch me watch me
Paint this picture
Stretchin Hurtin Cursin
Watch me
Takin it Takin it Takin it Takin it....
Watch me. Watch me. God above..

Between two planets
In between the points of light
Between two distant shorelines
Here am I

Between two planets
In the black daylight of space
Between two heavenly bodies
The invisible man.
Ripping out the radio
I want to be alone

"You can take all the boys and the girls in the world
I wouldn't trade them this morning for my sweet Ocean Cloud
I've seen too much of life
So the sea is my wife and a sweet Ocean Cloud is a mistress I'm allowed
I've seen too much of life
So the sea is my wife
And the sweet ocean clouds will look down on my bones tonight..

Abraxas Moje Mantry!


domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

Steven Wilson-Perfect Life

When I was 13 I had a sister for 6 months.
She arrived one February morning, pale and shellshocked,
from past lives I could not imagine.
She was 3 years older than me,
but in no time we became friends.
We’d listen to her mix tapes;
Dead Can Dance, Felt, This Mortal Coil…
She introduced me to her favourite books,
gave me clothes, and my first cigarette.
Sometimes we would head down to Blackbirds moor
to watch the barges on Grand Union in the twilight.
She said “The water has no memory.”
For a few months everything about our lives was perfect.
It was only us, we were inseparable.
But gradually, she passed into another distant part of my memory,
until I could no longer remember her face, her voice, even her name.

We have got
We have got the perfect life...