jueves, 15 de febrero de 2018

Lady Lake - No Pictures - Symphonic Progressive Rock - 1977

Lady Lake, from The Netherlands, present a pastoral, melodic, yet complex progressive rock album. Acoustic guitar is the backbone to their sound, and recalls early Genesis around Selling England By The Pound. This ostensible light background is offset by plenty of psychedelic guitar sequences, which are quite striking in this setting. Moog and Fender Rhodes play a major role as well. Vocals are fortunately sparse and ultimately unnecessary. The music never sits still too long, always on the move, while surprisingly being able to maintain its melodic core. My vote for best track would be 'Fading Trees' though 'Magic Twanger' is a close second. Mirage era Camel is probably the most obvious influence overall. More obscure references would include Hoelderlin (Clowns and Clouds), M.L. Bongers Project, and Ivory.

As mentioned below, the CD also contains newly recorded material from 1997 that was originally composed from 1979-1982. Not surprisingly, the music has a similar compositional quality to the original No Pictures album. Of course, the guitar here is more "90s pig squeal" and less "70s psychedelic" which is a pity. The aural landscape is more broad brush, with less finely pointed detail. But still a fine effort, and shows the band hasn't lost touch with their ambitious progressive background. Camel clearly remains their main influence on these tracks. From here, they were to continue and actually improve on their next proper release Supercleandreammachine (2005).

The CD (the second cover photo) is outstanding. It features wonderful sound, a complete history of the band with unique photos and insights. Perhaps even better, the CD contains a completely new album's worth of material recorded in 1997, and could easily be considered two albums on one CD. Musiphyle is a sub-label of none other than Musea. Not sure why the different designation, though it may have something to do with the new album being included with the reissue.  

01. Cornwall — 5:40
02. Magic Twanger — 8:10
03. Fading Trees — 7:17
04. You Make Me Feel So Fine — 5:24
05. No More Gentle Treatment — 2:42
06. Between Bremen And Hamburg: Part 1 — 3:18
07. Between Bremen And Hamburg: Part 2 — 4:16
08. Between Bremen And Hamburg: Part 3 — 4:56
Bonus (1997):
09. Must Have Been More Than… — 5:56
10. H.P. & H.P. — 4:52
11. Falling Stars Don’t Scream — 4:23
12. Do The Dubbe — 4:32
13. 22 cm With Dentures — 5:45
14. Reshoot — 5:32

Fred Rosenkamp — electric & acoustic guitar (01-08), guitar (09-14)
Stanley Dijkhuis — vocals (01-08)
Eddy Bakker — bass (01-08)
Leendert Korstanje — keyboards (01-14)
Joop Van Leeuwen — drums & percussion (01-08)
Jan Dubbe — drums (09-14)



Galaxy from Bremen were not rediscovered until the late 1990s and are relatively unknown among collectors, which is no surprise as their only LP 'Visions' of 1978 (SST / PR 020978) had a circulation of only 500 copies. Even during their 'lifetime' they led a lonely wallflower existence in their hometown with just about 10 to 15 gigs. This is totally unjustified as their record is more than just good and sheer pleasure for the listener, except for the rather silly 'Consequences'. Certain Hawkwind quotations and a touch of art rock are the ingredients of a harmonious achievement. The lyrics are mostly taken from the world of science fiction, which explains the name of the band, the LP title and the cover artwork, a sort of alienated Milky Way. The fact that a band from Oberursel (LP / CD: 'Nature's clear well') has the same name, is purely co-incidental. 

*Thomas Asche - Bass
*Bernd Steinhardt - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
*Heiko Beck - Drums, Percussion
*Frank Dahmne - Vocals, Guitar
*Gottfriend Antpohler - Keyboards

01. Ladies in the Wind
02. Morning of the Magicians Part One
03. Supermarket
04. Consequences
05. Visions
06. Excerpts “Time” Part Two
07. Warrior of the Endless Time
08. Atomic Flight


jueves, 25 de enero de 2018

The Black Noodle Project – Divided We Fall - 2017

The music here is post-prog, according to the band, but I would label it more as post-rock with some Floydian elements. It is quite emotional and climatic, almost to a fault, though.  

Soaring, elongated guitars are the primary means of communication here, along with some great drumming and atmospheric keys.

The album is rather spacey at times, and driving and purposeful in others.

So, the performances are great, and the sound is solid.  However, I find that this album lacks some of the depth and personality of the last release, unfortunately.  

Every song seems to climax the same way, giving a monotonous feeling throughout the album.  

The instrumentals are well composed and performed, but nothing all that exciting happens, outside of a few moments here and there.  Some of the tracks seem rather disposable completely.

Genre: Progressive/Psychedelic/Space Rock Country: France (Paris) Year: 2017 Playtime: 00:41:16
01. Isolation 07:50
02. Memorial 06:10
03. Ashes To Ashes 05:49
04. Under A Black Sky 02:00
05. Absolom 05:58
06. Cosmic Dust 09:56
07. Left Behind 03:31


domingo, 31 de diciembre de 2017

Mirage – It’s Been A Pleasure - Progressive Jazz Rock - 2017

Fresh experimental rock and neo-soul vibes fused with modern prog, jazz, and a dose of electronic chaos.

At once aurally expansive, visually seductive, and cleverly compelling, “It’s Been A Pleasure” fuses together experimental rock and fresh neo-soul vibes with modern prog, jazz, and a dose of electronic chaos, yielding an impressive debut album from Mirage. 

Based out of Gainesville, Florida, Mirage formed in late 2016 and have been quickly captivating audiences with an extremely high-energy live show, seamlessly winding between bright, powerful melodies and dark, menacing grooves. The synergy found from each members’ influence on Mirage’s sound is a true testament to Gainesville’s beautifully diverse musical ecosystem…

Marty Parks - Bass, Synth, Electronics, Programming 
Tessa Register - Vocals 
Arun Katikala - Keys 
David Hoffman - Guitar 
Noah Woolard - Drums, Percussion

Intro (0:58) 
Some Time Away (3:05) 
Detroit (3:32) 
Mufasa (3:22) 
Xiorro (4:12) 
John Connor (Intermission) (0:57) 
Donuts (4:43) 
Preach (3:38) 


domingo, 5 de noviembre de 2017

Palace Walls - Ligths At Sea

Sham Rain - AURA


to hear a thousand screams
to drown inside my dreams
everytime i close my eyes
i see your shape within

to find and lose again
to stray in the dark
to let my heart explode
I can't let go

shades of blue
swallowed you
now i am sinking as you were
my voice was mute
as i called you
you left my heart empty

to touch the clouds
to feel warmth again
your aura still paints
the sky and unveils
your beauty

shades of blue
swallowed you
now i am sinking as you were
my voice was mute
as i called you
you left my heart empty 


domingo, 17 de septiembre de 2017

The Stills - Gender Bombs - 2003

Brains on a brick wall
When gender bombs they fall
The sordid way her loaded phrases infiltrate your skull

The images are strong
Impulses are strong
And logic will break your heart forever
Be brave

Massive suicide dreams
The feel warm and long
The girl will school you
The girl will...

Could this be the gaining force
Of ten loves in a row
Drunken sunday evenings
Will just be innuendos

Massive suicide dreams
That feel warm and long
The girl will school you
The girl will school you
The girl will screw you
The girl will screw you
The girl will school you
The girl will screw you
The girl will screw you
The girl will screw you