sábado, 7 de enero de 2012

The Dear Hunter

THE DEAR HUNTER es una banda con base en Nueva Inglaterra, con adicción por la melodía y ambición por la belleza The DEAR HUNTER es una banda de rock progresivo que consiste del cantante-escritor-multiinstrumentista Casey CRESCENZO y del baterista Nick CRESCENZO.

The blood...
How it paints such a scene
Foul routine pedigree
Mouth agape, stuttered hands attempt to flail
And finally agree
Her hearts ceases it's rhythm
Somewhere trumpets decay
In the front by the well wishing wishes that deny the stale smell in the hay
There, no one cry
Place these over her eyes
We are broke and alone
We are broken alone
She's inanimate
Bloodless elegance
Fatal fascination breeds a bloom of misery
Helpless hiding tongues
Bathed in revulsion
Her lies unfinished
Beauty wilting premature
But we can't be too sure
No we can't be too sure
Reserved, always playing the part
Of the boy left alone
He proceeds to the road
Beyond the home he'd learn to call his own
One life for another

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