domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011


(1st Astronaut)
'That looks like Istanbul down there'
(2nd Astronaut)
'No it's Vienna'
(1st Astronaut)
'There's Buffalo'
(2nd Astronaut)
'Ah, Buffalo Schmuffalo'

Shane you've gotta lay down your guns

Pick up the pieces and start again
Shane you've gotta bury away the past
Lose the hatchet and try again
Shane you've gotta realise
It's the way of the world that you made
Shane you've got to lay the ghost to rest
Of another time and back to the grave

And Shane the friends we make old

seem somehow to drift away
How can you feel alone with all
the people that you know?
All those friendly faces that
reflect from empty bars
But you will always be a friend of mine

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