lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

Ticket To The Moon-Dilemma On Earth

TICKET TO THE MOON (3TM) is a progressive band from Basel, Switzerland. It was founded in 2003 by Daniel Gosteli drummer and Andrea Portapia guitarist, two friends that shared the passion for prog-music. Since, Matthias Zwick keyboardist and Guillaume Carbonneau bassist joined consecutively. Vocals are alternatively shared between Andy and Danny. 3TM is a true product of Europe with no less than 4 nations represented: Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France. Some say it might be the root of such an eclectic musical…
style! 3TM can be described as a blend of Atmospheric-Rock, Progressive-Rock with stronger Metal influences, giving a modern and melodic Progressive music. Their debut album “Dilemma on Earth” is taking the audience into a continuously evolving musical journey and resulting in sound inspired by band such as Amplifier, Porcupine Tree, Andromeda, Opeth, Tool, Dream Theater, Pink Flyod while still maintaining an original identity of their own. This first Opus recorded at Tower Studio in France is composed of 5 songs and 2 instrumental concepts; mixing technical and musical elements it produces a rich album already showing promises for the next to come.

 Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2012
Audio codec: MP3
Riptype: tracks
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 138 MB

01. Earth (10:18)
02. A Black And White Picture Of A Rainbow (7:19)
03. Perfect Day (8:50)
04. Dilemma (9:57)
05. Deadly Schizophrenia (6:55)
06. Down in You (9:18)
07. Machine is Runnin (7:44) 


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